Neighborhoods and Basic Services

Basic Services – Superior basic services are a must for a first-class city. When the trash is not picked up on time, when illegal dumping occurs or snow removal is subpar, our neighborhoods suffer. Everything we do should be through the lens of high quality basic services city-wide. In the next term, I am committed to:

  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Enhancing neighborhood walkability and transportation
  • Neighborhood revitalization programs

Housing – All Kansas Citians should have access to safe and affordable housing. To capitalize on progress already made, goals include:

  • Focusing on housing stability and affordability
  • Continuing to support the Housing Trust Fund, the largest single investment in affordable housing ever made by the City of Kansas City
  • Seeking unique housing solutions
  • Working to keep people in their homes
  • Supporting community partners

Violent Crime Reduction

Reducing Violence – As a city we must develop a comprehensive approach to reducing violence in our streets. To do so, we need to:

  • Support greater engagement between police officers and the community to improve and enhance trust
  • Focus on underlying causes of increased crime
  • Insist on accountability in funds spent on policing and violence prevention
  • Support continued efforts to recruit and retain the highest quality KCPD workforce

Mental and Physical Health – Public safety and violence prevention must include addressing the mental and physical health of our citizens, through:

  • Connecting citizens to social services
  • A public health/public safety approach to violence prevention
  • Encouraging equity in policing

Economic Development

Smart Growth – A flourishing city is one that capitalizes on momentum and grows responsibly. To encourage continued growth and vibrancy, I am committed to:

  • Collaborating with community stakeholders on all levels and promoting equitable solutions to the issues that we face
  • Capitalizing on best practices in our economic development policies, and targeting companies providing the highest value for job growth
  • Addressing the growing climate emergency
  • Transparency and accountability in our decision-making