Andrea Bough

Trusted Leadership for the 6th District and the City of Kansas City

Committed to:


Kansas Citians should have access to safe and affordable housing.  I am committed to continuing the work I started in my first term to focus on relieving the burdens faced by so many of our neighbors who find themselves “housing cost-burdened” and are one major expense away from houselessness.  With the support of my colleagues, I was able to get passed ordinances that created a separate Housing Department in the City focused primarily on housing issues and the creation of a program to provide legal counsel to those facing eviction.  We also funded the Housing Trust Fund for the first time since its creation, and I introduced and we passed a resolution to study ways in which to continue to fund the Housing Trust Fund in the future.

We still have work to do, as some have estimated that we are short 24,000 affordable housing units, but with your support, I am committed to continue the work we have begun.  I will continue to focus on:

Basic Services

As Kansas Citians, we have tremendous pride in our City.  When the trash is not picked up on time, illegal dumping occurs on vacant lots or bulky item pick up is delayed, our neighborhoods and citizens suffer.  I am pleased at the progress we have made to improve these services through new policies implemented by our new City Manager and Director of Public Works.  More funding has been allocated to repave streets, increase bulky item pick-up, and abate neighborhood nuisances.  The Council also passed ordinance, of which I sponsored, to address utility digs in our streets, so that once our streets are repaved, their condition is not destroyed by utility digs that are not properly patched.

We still have work to do, and I am committed to ensure that the work that needs to be done in the 6th District and the City At-Large continues.

In addressing Neighborhood and Basic Services, I am committed to:

  • Housing stability and affordability
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Neighborhood walkability and transportation
  • Beighborhood revitalization programs

Violence Prevention

Unfortunately, crime continues to grip our neighborhoods and City.  While the last few years have been tumultuous, I think we have the opportunity to improve violence prevention through a new approach to policing.  We need greater engagement between police officers and the community.  Trust has been broken over the years, and a concerted effort is needed to enhance and improve that trust.  We must focus on the underlying issues which cause and increase crime.  We need accountability in the funds that are spent on policing and violence prevention.

Mental & Physical Health

A comprehensive approach to violence prevention must include addressing mental and physical health of our citizens.  We must expand mental health services, increase job training and placement opportunities and provide access to healthy care to our citizens.  I was happy to support my colleagues in their effort to adopt the KC Blueprint for Violence Prevention and a Safe and Healthy Community.

In addressing Violence Prevention and Mental & Physical Health, I am committed to:

  • Connecting citizens to social services
  • A public health/public safety approach to violence prevention
  • Encouraging equity in policing

Kansas City continues to be a growing, vibrant City.  I ran for City Council because I wanted to ensure that Kansas City continued to be a great place to live, work and raise a family.  As I have worked on updating our AdvanceKC/Economic Development Policy as well as implemented revisions to the Community Improvement District Policy, I have endeavored to include all stakeholders in the discussions.  We need to continue smart, sensible growth in Kansas City.

In address the City’s Progress, I am committed to:

  • Promoting equitably solutions to the issues that we face
  • Addressing the growing climate emergency
  • Transparency and accountability in our decision-making

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