Andrea Bough

Trusted Leadership for the 6th District and the City of Kansas City

Committed to:

All Kansas Citians should have access to affordable housing. I am committed to bringing my years of experience in working on development projects to focus on our City’s need for more affordable housing units whether those are apartments or homes. Kansas City must have a comprehensive approach to keeping families in their homes. Too many of our neighbors are one major expense away from being homeless because their rent payment went to cover an emergency expense.

Crime has unfortunately gripped every neighborhood in our City. On the City Council, I will work to ensure more budget dollars go to fund public safety. Having more police on the streets is important, but it is only one step to combat crime. We need greater engagement between police officers and community members. Trust has been broken over the years and a concerted effort is needed to enhance and improve that trust. As a City, we must focus on the underlying issues which cause and increase crime. Expanding mental health services, affording greater job training and placement and improving access to reliable transportation are key factors needing our attention to address crime. One area where the City can help in solving crimes would be to increase the amount of the rewards offered for leads to arrest and prosecute criminals.

Each day we see it with cranes dotting our skyline and we feel it when the Chiefs and Royals win a big game – our City’s momentum is strong. One reason I am running for City Council is to guarantee our City is a great place to live, work and raise a family. I often think about when Ashley graduates from college and Grant soon thereafter; will they choose to return to their home, Kansas City, to raise their families. On the City Council, I will work each day to continue our City’s progress and growth across all parts of our City, not just a select few areas.

Collectively, we will make our City a world-class City. We can do this by having all stakeholders’ voices at the table when discussions are occurring about issues and investments in our community. This requires our City government to be both transparent and accountable; two core values and beliefs I will bring with me to the City Council.

As Kansas Citians, we have tremendous pride in our City. When the trash is not picked up on time, illegal dumping occurs on the vacant lot or bulky items’ pick-up is suspended or delayed, our neighborhoods and citizens suffer. This has to be corrected and improved. One of the first actions of the new City Council has to be attending to the basic City services of trash pickup.

On the City Council, I will be a steward of your tax dollars to make sure that the recently approved General Obligation Bonds’ funds are being used as the voters approved for sidewalk and street repairs. Regardless of the type of winters we have, the City is obligated to do a better job on pothole repairs and street maintenance. I am dedicated to making basic City services a priority in the budget.

Victory Speech

Andrea Bough received more than 60% in the June 28 Municipal General Election for Kansas City’s 6th District At-Large City Council seat. View Press Release

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